Lets Talk Swimming Pool Landscaping

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tropicalpool1Landscaping around your pool … “cement pond” to tropical oasis

So, you have a swimming pool in your backyard. You’ve have had it for years, or maybe its brand spanking new.  When you first decided to put in that pool, you had visions of laidback fun days with your family or friends, some good Jimmy Buffet music or maybe some fun Reggae, and, yea, one of those fruity drinks with an umbrella.  Maybe a nice hammock out there to enjoy summer evenings too.  Ahh, the good life.

Did you get all that?  Or, did the new wear off pretty fast, leaving you with just something else to take care of?  Do you hang out with family and friends at your pool, or does it rarely get used?  Are you really getting that enjoyment you envisioned?

RELAX … here a sure way to make that original vision real.  Creative landscaping around a pool can turn that “cement pond” (and yes, I admit it, I’m a fan of granny from the Beverly Hillbillys) into an exotic, tropical oasis, and you can have a lot of fun doing it.  Take a step back and envision your pool surrounded by palm trees, maybe a clump of banana plants with those huge exotic leaves, and brightly colored flowering tropical plants everywhere. And, what the heck, let’s put one of those cool Tiki statues out there too.  Get the picture?  Landscaping around a pool can turn that “cement pond” is now your favorite room in the house, your laidback, relaxing tropical oasis.

Get the Backyard Resorts EbookNow, if you’re new to Backyard Resorts, you may be looking out the window at a temperature below freezing thinking I can’t do that.   Think again …     There’s a real good chance you can.  That’s what backyard resorts and www.tropicalyard.com are all about.   Windmill palms and other varieties are completely hardy at temperatures well below freezing.  Bananas, well anyone can grow and create a tropical pool setting with bananas.  All those tropical flowering plants like hibiscus, mandavilla, and bougainvilla …. yep, you can use those too.  And let’s throw in an Brugmansia, with flowers about a foot high that put out the most eerily pleasant scent, but only at night.  Let’s get a little taste of Hawaii with some Plumeria too.  Get the picture??

Interested?  Think your friends would be impressed? Think you and your family would enjoy your pool more?   Trust me, you’ll get the Wow factor, and you will get the enjoyment.  Tropical landscaping around a pool, to me, is just the way it should be.  There is no other answer.  So, get creative, get educated,  and create that tropical pool oasis …. your Backyard Resort.


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